Facts You Didn’t Know About Norway – The Happiest Place On Earth


Did you know that as per a survey, Norway has the highest happiness quotient in the world? Little is known about this tucked away Scandinavian country. Read more fascinating facts about Norway –

Norway has the title of being the world’s biggest sovereign fund. It has saved most of its money that it earned in trade and commerce and the sale of oil. The country is said to be worth almost a trillion dollars!

Your favorite sushi item didn’t actually come from Japanese. It was Norway who taught the land of the rising sun about how to make salmon sushi.

One of Norway’s islands serves as a prison. The most notorious criminals of the country are stowed away here. However, they are given the freedom to do as they please, within the prison walls. Still, Norway remains the country in the whole of Europe for the least number of re-offenders.

The country has a weird trade with Sweden. Excess garbage from the country goes to Sweden for recycling!

A town in Norway called Longyearbyen has one odd law – you’re not allowed to die there. The reason behind this is that the graveyard remains stone cold and so the bodies there do not decompose.

One of the biggest tourist attractions in London during Christmas time, was gifted by the people of Norway. This was in thanks and gratitude for the English protecting them during World War II.

In the country, it is illegal to neuter your dog. They have no problem with their multiplication. Dogs can only be snipped if its a health related issue.

Norway has actually harboured a notorious drug dealer that was wanted in the United States. They felt that the prisons there do not even meet minimum humanitarian standards.

The King of Norway had once gifted King Henry III of England a polar bear as a pet. His royal highness kept it at the Tower of London with a long chain so that it could at least take a dip in the River Thames.

The country once had a drought of butter! Apparently, smugglers began pilfering the supply and then auctioning it off on the Internet for up to $80!

Public records are easily available in the country, with citizens’ wealth and income being on display for everyone to view.

The country has bagged the largest number of gold, silver and bronze medals from the Winter Olympics.