Spend Money On Experiences And Not On Material Things For A Happier Life

Happy experiences

Think of those times when you get your paycheck and your account balance shoots up. That sudden urge to splurge, coupled with a shiny credit card and tantalising retail brands calling out to you, it’s addictive! And then when you open those bags and boxes of new clothes, shoes and what-have-you, it’s a high like no other. But have you also noticed that seconds after the initial euphoria of “owning” new things, you feel a little empty inside?

If you want to lead a more fulfilling life, it’s really simple. Instead of a lust for things, things and more things, why don’t you have this lust for life experiences?! Those who have distanced themselves from material possessions and done more adventurous things in their life are proven to be more happier.

Create memories

Memories create long-term happiness. A memory that you created today can be re-lived time and time again in your life. When you buy a material thing, that happiness won’t last long because you’re now looking for something else to give you that satisfaction. But doing things rather than buying them will make your life more fulfilling.

Do things that don’t run out of style

When you buy that latest smartphone, or have gadgets that cost the earth, the appeal lasts only while its trending. Then the latest edition to the smartphone or gadget comes out, and you now shift your focus to possessing that. But doing things that satisfy your soul, like taking a trip or spending time with loved ones will never go out of style. And they only bring more happiness with each new experience.

Do something new

Regular days of getting up, going to work, coming back – can be mundane. And having material possessions make us feel like we are just working for something that we will never seem to gain complete and total satisfaction for. The best you can do with your time and money is to spend both on experiences that will continue to reap benefits long after it has been done with.