Exercise Hacks For The One Who Is Just Not A Morning Person

Morning Exercise

If you’re the kind of person who has at least three alarms to get out of bed each morning, this one’s for you. With busy days and long nights that tend to stretch into the wee hours of the morning, exercising is put on the back burner. You may kid yourself that heading to the coffee machine several times a day counts as workout steps, or jogging to the fridge to retrieve a treat is considered cardio, but no, it’s not. Stop kidding yourself!

Instead of feeling bad or punishing yourself, try these steps to make you pack in a punch or two on the regular. Over time, and depending on how often and how intense your workout gets, you will see results soon enough.

Exercise in bed

There are a number of exercises that can be done while you are still lying down. That sudden jolt of energy and adrenaline through your system will help you jump out of bed, rather than crawl for once. Stretches, even push ups work well.

Do a little bending

You might want to pick up last night’s clothes off the floor. Or bend to put your shoes on. This is the time that you can take a few extra minutes on the floor and stretch that back. Touch your toes and stay there for a few minutes, until you feel the pull at the back of your calves, and the muscles in your back.

Bathroom time!

Kourtney Kardashian says that she does up to 100 squats while brushing her teeth or waiting for the bathtub to fill up. Squats won’t take you more than a few minutes to accomplish, and once you are done, you will find that you have managed to put in a good cardio workout even before you hit the shower.