Black Moon Cosmetics Sues Jeffree Star + Manny MUA – Issue Settled Out Of Court

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Makeup has become the biggest thing since artist tutorials began popping up left, right and centre on YouTube. And each self-acclaimed “makeup artist” has started selling their own palettes and makeup lines to increase their success and please fans. From Kat Von D to Laura Lee and Nikki Tutorials, there’s makeup for each kind of unicorn of the rainbow. In the Top 10 list of YouTube sensations is Jeffree Star, who is killin’ it in the biz. His recent collaboration with BFF and fellow makeup aficionado, Manny MUA has people talking – but for all the wrong reasons.

If you check out the packaging from their upcoming collaboration, you can see that it is a holographic crescent moon and a star against a black backdrop. Each of the icons have their own logos – Manny’s being the moon and Jeffree’s being the star with his initials in it. But if you also take a look at Black Moon Cosmetics’ packaging, they look almost the same! This was first noticed by a number of fans and comparisons were posted on social media.

When Black Moon Cosmetics heard about it, they set off to sue Jeffree and Manny, stating that they were copying their packaging. Bringing further evidence to the table, they also shared a past comment where Manny MUA has congratulated them on their packaging, way before he ever became this famous. In a statement filed by the BM, they state, “As outlined in the complaint, Manny MUA and Jeffree Star’s social media announcements advertising their infringement product is full of consumer comments pointing out the similarity between the two logos and demonstrating the resulting consumer confusion.”

However, it seems that the feuding parties have come to an amicable resolution, settling their dispute out of court. Black Moon Cosmetics posted this statement through their Facebook page –


Dear Moon Beauties, we are pleased to inform you that we have settled the lawsuit…

Posted by Black Moon Cosmetics on Thursday, April 6, 2017

So, all’s well that ends well. The Jeffree Star-Manny MUA Collaboration collection will be releasing in early April this year.