Beyoncé May Star In The Live Action Remake Of The Lion King


If things go right, then you might just catch Beyoncé playing a key role in the upcoming live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King. Rumor has it that she is being approached to be cast as Nala for the film.

Seriously, Beyoncé is already so fierce like a lioness in real life, why can’t she just take it on the big screen. And she’s already proved her acting prowess with fabulous films like Dreamgirls, it makes complete sense to have her on board for The Lion King. The thing is, she is already heavily pregnant with her twins, and no one really knows when they are due, so will she be able to lend her talent for the big screen?


The Lion King


Director for the live action remake of Disney’s The Lion King, Jon Favreau says that he’s pulling all the stops to have her on board. The Iron Man director said that he is really, really interested in getting her to star in the film, since audiences will love her in this avatar. Even if it comes down to someone from Disney babysitting daughter Blue Ivy Carter and her new bundles of joy, who would resist? The kids can even spend their days at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland, while their mama kills it on screen.

Already Donald Glover has been roped in to star as lead, Simba. Though the rest of the cast hasn’t been confirmed, we can’t wait to see who will take up the roles of some of the most memorable characters of Disney’s Oscar winning animated film on the animal kingdom.

Beyoncé is yet to agree and finalize her role, since she’s probably only thinking about motherhood right now. The star even cancelled her scheduled headlining appearance for Coachella 2017, and given way for Lady Gaga to take over her prestigious spot. Even if Queen Bey doesn’t star in The Lion King, maybe they can rope in little Blue Ivy. She’s already starred in her mama’s video for Formation.