Staying Healthy With A Crazy, Busy, Hectic Lifestyle

Meditation is the key to healthy

One of the biggest evils of fast food is that not only is it affordable, its easy accessible and convenient. Usually, stomach pangs of hunger occur without warning, leaving us suddenly craving for something satisfying. Without a second thought, we pop into the nearest drive-thru, order more than we can handle, and dig in. Is that what being healthy is about?

It’s not easy being a millennial. Our lives – both personal and professional – are getting hectic. Even weekends are stuffed with projects that take precedence over something that should be our first priority – our health. Even the most hardy electronics cannot survive on continuous use for days at a time. Imagine our bodies that work 24/7 and have to be in utmost shape till the day we die.

What will it take for you to ditch your current questionable lifestyle, and switch to a more healthy one?


Healthy lifestyle is about mindfulness


Well, we are giving you nifty ideas to make a change and choose the healthy way –

Plan your meals

The reason we end up eating junk is because we are so desperate to fulfil our hunger, we consume the nearest thing the fastest. Instead, how about preparing and planning your meals at least a day before? That way, not only will you look forward to a tasty meal ahead, but you will resist the urge for unhealthy food.

Drink your health

Your body is an efficient machine. However, it’s better to help your body process food faster. And the way to do this is to blend your food, rather than eating whole chunks. This allows for nutrients to reach your system faster and boost metabolism. So, instead of chowing down eggs for breakfast, blend them in a smoothie, along with fruits and greens.

Work out your fitness

Health and fitness go hand in hand. Just consuming good food is not enough to give your body longevity. Work out a fitness program that suits you best, and do it on the regular. You will find that it leaves you with more energy that you can ask for, and will make you feel younger with age!

Minimize your extra-curricular activities

What do you do in your free time? Do you go out drinking with friends? Maybe sit in front of the television for hours on end? Instead, take mindful notice of how you spend your day. For example, instead of heading to the local pub, try a session of pilates or yoga. Or, instead of being a couch potato, do some free-hand cardio during commercial breaks.