This iPhone Case Comes With Android, Extra Storage Space, Extended Battery Life, And More!

iPhone case Eye by Esti Inc.

This is for those who are even remotely into technology – you will want to grab a-hold of this one. Imagine putting the iPhone’s iOS and Android together on one device, without overcrowding your phone’s memory.

Welcome, Eye. This gadget appears like any other, but once it works its magic, you can see how truly remarkable it is. It’s simply a phone case that slips perfectly onto an iPhone. Once you get it turned on, flip it over, and you get a fully functional Android screen. Flip it back, and you can use iOS. And a common complaint of iPhone users is that their battery runs out, but Eye helps solve that issue as well. Basically, more storage, extra SIM card slots, wireless charging and oh yes, a headphone jack!

All you need to do is strap on the Eye to your iPhone and though the device now looks a little more bulky, you can turn it over and get an all-new Android experience. And the battery that comes along with the Eye can be charged with both, iPhone and Android chargers! Makers of the Eye are also promising just a 1% battery drain per hour of use.

For those selfie lovers who swear by the iPhone’s lens power, the Eye has another fantastic feature. Once strapped on, you can use your iPhone’s rear facing camera as the Android’s front-facing camera, and click away clear, perfect selfies every single time.

The Eye also comes with two SIM card slots, so that means you can switch between Work/Personal/On-the-side puzzle pieces of life without a hitch. It also allows for upto 256GB storage, thanks to the additional SD card slot as well.

This groundbreaking device works for the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 7. Those users who are a little iffy about using wireless earphones that cost a fortune to possess, the Eye has a jack that works for regular ear/headphones. And the makers say that the device will be suitable for the upcoming iPhone 8 as well.

Kickstarter has already approved the Eye and the makers have met their funding target of $100,000. The first 2,000 backers will get the advantage of being able to purchase the Eye for half the price, and shipping will begin in August of this year and retails at $189. The company that has created the Eye goes by the name of ESTI Inc.