Kanye West’s Muse Teyana Taylor Launches Fade 2 Fit Online Workout

Dance Fitness Teyana Taylor

The woman who made everyone’s mouth drop open for Kanye West’s video to Fade from his Life Of Pablo album, is now making it big on her own. Teyana Taylor, the fit model, media personality and mother of a young child, is an inspiration to us all.

Since her massive fame from her solo dance on the Fade video, Teyana is taking the right path and encouraging everyone to get fit like she has. An important thing to remember about any fit star is that they are human, just like us, but they work really hard to get the body they have, and it works wonders for their personal lives and their careers.

So Teyana Taylor has set up her own fitness website called Fade 2 Fit that is an intense workout program stretching for 90 days. She says that in just 3 months, you can go from being flab to fab. And her workout regimen does not include going to the gym (thank goodness), but is about getting the right body in the most fun way possible – dance!

Teyana Taylor
Teyana Taylor Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock.com

Fade 2 Fit is an online bootcamp that can be taken at your own pace, as per your convenience. Once you register with her website, you get access to loads of videos, tutorials and more for workouts. And she’s even taking it a step further by guiding you on which meals to eat, how to go about your day and basically develop this overall better lifestyle that will ultimately work wonders for your body. Who wouldn’t want such a banging bod like the one she’s got?!

She has said previously that after the birth of her daughter Junie in 2015, she stepped up her workout game, which is what any young mother would want to do and look like a million bucks. She’s encouraging the world to work on their body and make a positive life change, one dance step at a time!

To join Teyana on her fitness journey, visit the official Fade 2 Fit website.