Signs Of A True Gentleman: Because Chivalry Is Not Dead

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Millennials have their relationships distorted. From open relationships, to Tinder swipes to one night stands, it is a pretty rare thing to see a committed, happy couple. But there’s good news for the so-called “old souls” – chivalry isn’t dead, at least not yet. If you’re the kind of girl who is looking for a man her parents would approve of, then spot these signs in your significant other. It could help you be with a man who truly cares about you and does the little things that translate to great happiness and a strong relationship.

chivalry (1)
Chivalry isn’t dead yet, ladies!

Here are the signs of a true gentleman, because chivalry isn’t dead –

He opens doors

Before Miley Cyrus started dating her now-fianc√©, Liam Hemsworth, she shared with Ellen DeGeneres on¬†The Ellen Show¬†that the first thing that caught her attention that he did, was he opened the door for her! It’s a small gesture, but it means a lot, because manners are everything.

He lets you do the eating

Imagine the last slice of pizza in front of the both of you. In an ad for Pizza Hut long ago, Donald Trump and ex-wife, Ivana were poised with the same dilemma. Donald wouldn’t let her eat the whole thing, and said, “You’re entitled to only half.” Right there, the United States should’ve realized he isn’t President material! If you lets you have your share of the fries, duh, he’s a keeper!

He spends time with your loved ones

A guy who doesn’t like your girl gang or your family is someone you don’t want to be with. Your loved ones were there long before he came into the picture, and the important thing is that he should at least make an attempt to enjoy their company.

He is romantic, occasionally

You may be a badass who doesn’t give in to commercial ideas like Valentine’s Day, nor like to make a big deal about a relationship anniversary. But if he sends you flowers or buys something for you just because he says he thought about you, or he sends you a sweet text during a work day, you know that you are special to him and that should mean something.

He is protective of you

A guy who constantly checks your phone or fights with your guy friends is being over-possessive. But someone who say, makes you walk on the inside, while he is on the outer side of the road, he’s the kind of guy you should have. When he prevents you from meeting with danger, like Superman, that is a very good thing. Too bad regular men don’t come with a red cape.

He meets your needs

A selfish guy who does what suits him fine is not ideal. Imagine if you’re vegetarian and he takes you on a date to a steakhouse. Why? Because his royal highness wants to get down with beef! When he thinks about your needs over his, he’s putting you on a pedestal that you shouldn’t come down of ever. You’re his queen, after all.