How To Manage Your Workspace For Better Productivity

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Whether you’ve got your own little desk at home, or a cubicle in the office, you may be spending most of your productive time there. It’s important that you keep your personal space as open and thriving with your own vibe to get the best out of what it is you want to do with the time you spend there. One of the first things that happen when you get your own little space is you want to make it your own and be comfortable, so that you end up enjoying your time there and making the most out of it.

Here are some handy ways on how to manage your workspace for better productivity –

Comfortable furniture

Since you will be sitting most of the time, the basic furniture that you need in your workspace is a comfortable chair and a suitable, spacious table. The chair needs to be friendly with your back since it will be meeting with your spine for hours on end. If you like, involve a couple of throw pillows and other accessories that make your furniture fun, but durable.

Appropriate lighting

Staring at a screen, reading or writing at your workspace will tire out your eyes soon enough. A lot of people face dry eyes these days because the light on their laptop screen and the one around them differentiates and strains the retina. Sometimes people work in the dark with just the computer light highlighting their work, which is not advised. Instead, use cool lighting and one that’s bright enough to see things, but dull enough to not give you a migraine.


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Soothing temperature

Unless you’re working in a factory or toiling in the tundra, the temperature needs to be just enough to be able to work well. Too cold means that your fingers begin to freeze you feel uncomfortable, and too hot will make you want to distract yourself from your work to get away from the warmth. Adjust the temperature of the thermostat to be more productive.


Since its your space, you want to surround yourself with good vibes. Photos, trinkets, frames, crystals, posters and anything that makes you feel at home is perfect for productivity. Some people even have toys like stress balls to put them at ease. A little personal touch to your workspace will make things so much better.

Organize yourself

Yes, there are some people who feel their most zen when they’re disorganized. But usually, settling up your workspace will suddenly open up your mind. Decluttering is key to productivity, and some semblance of organization will make you liven up a bit and work on that project, stat. This includes putting away stationery into a drawer, or tying up loose wires from numerous gadgets.