James Cameron’s Avatar 2 Could Actually Be Coming Out Soon

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Avatar - Pandora with the native Na'vi tribe Shutterstock, Inc.

Avatar was the biggest film of 2009 and became the record holder for the highest grossing movie to ever come out of Hollywood. Since then, James Cameron has been keeping himself busy, but hasn’t come out with anything as significant since. The Titanic maker looks more into quality than quantity and takes his time coming out with a movie that goes down Hollywood history as an ode to great film-making.

Fans, along with the Na’vi of Pandora are obviously asking when the sequel to the Oscar-winning film will be out. In just a couple of years we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Avatar, so shouldn’t James come out with Avatar 2 or something? Already the original scored $2.78 billion at the box office, so it’s not like there’s a budget or anything. Even Star Wars and Jurassic Park haven’t been able to get that kind of money in a single film of their respective franchises.

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As of now, James Cameron has been helping to create and build Disney’s Pandora Park that is set to open this year. Imagine walking under the floating islands, cruising along the river and being one with the illuminated flora and fauna of Pandora? That is soon to become a reality, and like all the mastery that James hands over to this audience, this one is sure to become a major hit. A Disney-James Cameron collaboration is bound to be epic! Pandora: The World Of Avatar is coming soon to Disney in Orlando, Florida.

The Oscar-winning director, Mr. Cameron himself, has confirmed that indeed, he will be looking to come up with Avatar 2 in the near future. The very earliest stages of making that happen is taking place, but there is no confirmed date for anything yet. Probably the storyline hasn’t even been written. What we do know, is that James Cameron will be directed the sequel to the hit movie.

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