UberEats Is The Latest Standalone App From Uber Going Global

UberEats Food Delivery App cornfield / Shutterstock, Inc.

If there is anything that can bring the two joys of the millennial together – being lazy and eating food while being lazy, then we are game! Though a lot of apps have popped up all over iOS and Android that offer food delivery services, here is one that has got everyone’s attention more than the rest – UberEats.

For any city slicker, Uber has been the go-to app for travel. Any time of the day or night, whether you’re drunk or in a hurry for a meeting, the cab service has been the saviour of the awkward moments usually spent trying to hail a cab that whizzes past. But now Uber is doing a smarter service for the enormously hungry souls in all of us – they’re offering food delivery services!

Uber has expanded from cab services to food delivery! Prathan Chorruangsak / Shutterstock, Inc.

Just check out the countries they have already expanded to – USA, Canada, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. And as per UberEats latest news, they’re even heading to the Indian sub-continent, the melting pot of every possible delicious cuisine.

So, what separates UberEats from other food delivery apps? Basically, that it is Uber. If their delivery of people safely to their doorsteps is not a good indication, then what is? UberEats basically sets up a daily menu that customers can choose from. The most popular restaurants are listed in the area and Uber cabs come deliver it hot and fresh to you within 15 minutes, depending on the area you are in.

Reviews have already come pouring in. Some are bad, some are good. For restaurant owners who want to reach a wider audience, but find it tough to offer a delivery service for themselves, can use UberEats to get their food to their customers. Though the app does charge a fee, it is better than paid advertising, since Uber already has such a wide audience.

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