Beyoncé Releases Cheeky Lemonade Christmas Clothing Line – Sleigh!


See, Beyoncé just knows how to do it. Whether it’s killing it on stage, releasing a surprise album that turns into Record of the Year, or just being her fabulous self, she slay – or should we say, SLEIGH?

This Christmas, fill your stockings, fill your friend’s stockings, fill every dang stocking with Beyoncé holiday merchandise because the Hold Up singer has released her first official holiday merch that uses her hit selling, number one album Lemonade to bring some cheekiness and fun to Christmas. We’re not kidding.

From sweatshirts to crop tops to mobile accessories, Bey got the sleigh on!


Check out this amazing black tote that simply says: I got hot sauce in my bag. Taken from the epic lyrics to her epic diss track, Formation, you will be carrying this around with other spicy edibles in no time, swag.

Price: $25


These cheeky undies are so fun! Boy Bye! With a lemon to make some lemonade. They’ve also got Bey’s name on the side, so you know you gonna be sleighing this one for Christmas. Just make sure the right boy gets to see these ones. *wink, wink*

Price: $18


How adorable is this set of gift wrapping paper? It makes you want to wrap everything up this Christmas, including your pet, your ex, your hot sauce and whatnot. The print is of Beyoncé in her black hat, as featured in the music video of Formation when she says her daddy Alabama and momma Louisiana. And don’t miss those lemons.

Price: $16


Available in festive colors – red and green, this I Sleigh All Day is the perfect punny sweatshirt for the holidays. The beyhive is already going crazy for this Christmas gift, so grab it fast before it’s out.

Price: $60


Don’t forget to wear this hat when you out going bat-sh*t crazy like Bey did in the Hold Up video, swaying yellow dress and all. It’s a little pricy, but it’s so worth it. You got Beyoncé embroidered in the front and Hold Up at the back. Just thinking about it, why didn’t they create this emoji for us girls with the lemonade, huh?

Price: $40


I mean, if you want a journal to keep you on your ass all year long, then this fabulous Beyonce Wake, Pray, Slay black one does the trick. Because Eat, Pray, Love is so yesterday, and who wants to Love when you can just Slay?! It comes with three black pencils that have Wake, Pray and Slay on each, so your haters better be prepared, because you are so going to be killin’ it in 2017.

Price: $25

Check out the entire Beyoncé Lemonade Sleigh collection through her official online store.

Photo Credits: Shop Beyoncé