Updated Thanksgiving Dinner Trends by Millennials for 2016


May traditions never go away. But the best part about them is that they can go through an evolution and transformation with the times. After all, who really does what they used to do so many countless years ago, except sit awkwardly at the table with obnoxious relatives and drink alcohol to numb the boredom? Of course, there’s always the turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie to engage with the holiday, and let’s not forget the artistry class that takes place trying to carve out a funny face on a jack-o-lantern.


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Since millennials are literally taking over the world, they are also transforming the way we inculcate tradition into our holidays. No, you don’t want to miss out on the potatoes and gravy, but at the same time, you want to bring a little bit of modernization to the dinner table. So this year, try out these updated Thanksgiving dinner trends by millennials for 2016.

But first, here’s a fun fact about Thanksgiving. Boom.

An influential magazine editor, Sarah Josepha Hale, heartily waged a campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. She did so for over four decades and was finally successful. She was also the author who wrote Mary Had A Little Lamb.

For more fun facts like this one, visit History.com.

Going Traditional

Traditional Thanksgiving

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Believe it or not, but many millennials want to go back to traditional roots, just for the holidays. Of course, expect grandma’s original recipe to be on Instagram and Pinterest the minute it hits the table. So, instead of going fancy and following fancy chef recipes that involve fancy cooking techniques, it’s just old family recipes that include that secret ingredient: love.

Off-course Menu


Hasselback Potatoes

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See, not everyone wants turkey. With the number of diets out there being as varied as the quacks, I mean “experts” out there, people will opt for different varieties, especially the annoying “vegan”. So instead of seeing straight up dishes like you grew up with, there might be a more modernized twist – for example, instead of straight-up mashed potatoes with loads of butter and milk, you can try a recipe for hasselback potatoes, a delicious and more fun way to serve your spud.


Sweet Potato Pie

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Desserts are taking a front seat this year, because everybody loves pie. With Starbucks coming out with the PSL, everybody will want a taste of some pumpkin and crust. Instead of that, you can go for any filling that pleases the eye & stomach – like a savoury mince meat pie or even the latest craze – Pattie LaBelle’s sweet potato pie. Yum!




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If you haven’t heard of it, you need to now. So many millennials have migrated hundreds of miles away from their loved ones and may not be able to spend the holiday with relatives (aka, you would rather be a loner on the holidays than spend your much-earned vacay with a bunch of judgmental oldies). So, gather around your fellow anti-social millennials and celebrate Friendsgiving! As the name suggests, it’s being thankful for the year with friends. And this one will be fun, so you can play drunk (and stoner) games with the family you chose.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday Shopping!

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Thank you, God, for creating credit cards! The shopping weekend is here and you can already begin ticking off your wish list – Apple already did us a favor by coming out with the iPhone 7 as well as the new MacBook. If not, there’s always some ridiculous sh*t on sale you feel you need to have. I mean, you gotta love commercialism. They’ve given you two days solely dedicated to your insatiable need to hoard. Go all out. Your next paycheck will be in next week anyway. Ka-ching!