The Affordable Solution To Zero Stretch Marks, According To Amber Rose


Winter is here. That’s what Game of Thrones said. But seriously, the romantic season of Fall is gone and now is the time to pull out those itchy sweaters to cover dry skin and stretch marks and *insert common skin ailments*. For those of you who perennially suffer from massive skin problems, including dry skin that peels like falling snow, the solution is pretty simple and affordable, according to Amber Rose. Because MUVA knows best.

According to the budding entrepreneur and mother to Sebastian “Baby Bash” Thomaz, her nightly routine includes lathering on raw African shea butter – from scalp to feet. She buys it at a local store, pops it in the microwave and then just puts it on – no other chemicals or lotions or potions required. She swears by it and says that it has given her ZERO stretch marks, despite her being a mother and regular eater of foods that also cause cellulite. *frantically Googles about African shea butter*

Amber Rose is always selfie ready!

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In an interview, Amber said: “I lather my entire body, including my scalp, from head to toe. It’s a routine I’ve been doing for at least fifteen years. I often tell people I have a shea butter robe. I’ll get robes from Marshalls, because raw African shea butter stains everything. I’ll put the air on because it can get very hot in there.”

And there you have it. A simple, quite affordable way to get the smoothest, blemish-free skin without having to put in a lot of money to looking good, including going for expensive chemical treatments and whatnot. Though people usually prefer lotions and creams that include shea butter, it makes better sense to ditch what Amber calls the “extras” and just go for the pure, unadulterated stuff that will do wonders for your skin and even goes skin-deep.

Shea butter can help cure everything from minor blemishes, to skin rashes, to stretch marks, uneven skin, insect bites, tension in the muscles, sunburn and everything in between. The purest form contains Vitamin A, though you are cautioned about buying adulterated stuff that says that it’s 100%, but is not. Buy it from a trusted source and notice the difference!