The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes For Inspiration


Celebrities. They love to make it about themselves. So when Halloween comes around, it’s great to see them undercover in a creative costume. Of course, some of them absolutely embarrass themselves (like when Chris Brown dressed up like a Taliban terrorist), while some absolutely put their best foot forward and kill it (when Heidi Klum dressed up as Jessica Rabbit). Here are the best celebrity halloween costumes for inspiration, because the most scariest festival of the year is just around the corner!

Poppy Delevingne as Harley Quinn

After the release of Suicide Squad, expect tons of girls to come out looking like female mad-hatters in Harley Quinn costumes. Poppy Delevingne went as the Joker’s girl last year. Her sister, Cara Delevingne was Enchantress in the anti-hero movie, so let’s see what creativity we are headed towards with these supermodel sisters!

Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit

The supermodel and Project Runway host absolutely loves Halloween, and throws a party every year, so she can be the center of attention with her outlandish costumes. From being the goddess Kali to dressing as her future old self, she takes dressing up too seriously! Last year she was, in her own words “the ultimate male fantasy”, Jessica Rabbit. Check out those gigantic fake boobs!

Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease

This was when supermodel, Gigi Hadid didn’t have Zayn in tow with robotic arms. So, she came for Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash dressed as Olivia Newton-John’s character, Sandy in Grease, fake cigarette and all. She looks just perfect in that outfit! Though we bet she could scarcely sing and dance and act like the original Sandy!

Kim Kardashian as Jasmine

Unlike Heidi Klum, those jugs are real and yet, so unreal! Kim Kardashian takes another opportunity to let it all hang out, and this was way before she was on the cover of Paper magazine, where she literally let it ALL hang out! No one can deny that she really gives it her best for Halloween and has dressed up as several busty versions of characters – Poison Ivy, a mermaid, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and of course, Cat Woman, with a very bored Kanye at her side as Batman.