New Fall 2016 Kylie Lip Kits Announced!


When Kylie Jenner first came out with her, let’s be real, super expensive lip kits, there were more detractors than fans about her latest product. But, she seems to have overcome all the opposition, fanned application wands, less quantity of product and all, and come out a winner. Especially if you take a look at her new four ultimate glam shades. Best of all, they so suit Fall and the colors should work for any skin tone. Teal, we’re looking at you!

Trick #oct12 #3pm

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Now, as you probably already know, each pack comes with two products – a lip liner and a corresponding liquid lip. Each of the shades sounds kinda Halloween friendly, which is perfect and so magical – Trick, Moon, Pumpkin and Spice. Hmm, the last two names are giving us a serious craving for some Starbucks PSL, no?

Of course, the latest shades will be made available for purchase exclusively on the Official Kylie Cosmetics Website. They will be released on October 12 at 3pm. And, even Kylie took to her Snapchat to show swatches of the shades on her slender arms. Even though she’s on the fair-tanned side, you can easily imagine what the shades are going to look like if you’re wheat or even ebony. Fantastical! We can’t wait for what candy-cane surprise she’s going to bring out come Christmas!