In Remembrance of the Craze Around ‘BB’ – 7 Times Blackberry Was Cool


BlackBerry finally announced that it will no longer make phones. So it’s a good time to look back at a time when BlackBerry ruled and Apple drooled: the early 2000s. With the release of the BlackBerry 850 back in 1999, the cell phone cool factor began to go up.

Throughout the early 2000s, even before touchscreen technology became common, everyone was having fun using their trackballs to scroll and BBM-ing their friends. It is, therefore, sad news as the company made the announcement. However, the company will continue on its software and services business.

So, what made BlackBerry cool back in the day? Here are a few of those moments:

1. When BlackBerry was adored by Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton with her BB

The height of BlackBerry coolness was back in 2008 during the launch of the Pearl 8130. The launch party was attended by Paris Hilton, a BBM champ, just to show her love for BlackBerry.

2. When Alicia Keys was appointed as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director

Alicia Keys Appointed global creative director of BB

In 2013, BlackBerry named Alicia Keys, one of the hottest singers, as its global creative director. This appointment made BlackBerry a cool company by association. Her first project involved inviting her fans to upload their own photos through BlackBerry’s Keep Moving Hub.

3. When Dustin Hoffman showed off a BlackBerry with his initials

Dustin Hoffman Showing off his BB with initials

At a BlackBerry Bold launch back in 2008, actor Justin Hoffman made an appearance, showing off a BlackBerry that bore his initials on the back.

4. When Michael Scott took a photo next to a BlackBerry mascot

Michael Scott with a BB standee

Clearly, Michael Scott thought BlackBerry was cool back in 2006. He showed his love by taking a photo with a BlackBerry mascot at the annual office supply convention in his popular show, “The Office.”

5. When Hillary Clinton checked her BlackBerry like a Boss!

Back in 2011, then Secretary of State, is seen checking her BlackBerry phone while sporting slick shades. Currently, she is the first major female presidential candidate in the US.

6. When Obama had to run back to grab his BlackBerry in the White House

Obama made a run to the white house for his BB

It was definitely an epic moment in Obama’s presidency back in 2014 when the head of state had to rush back to the White House to grab his forgotten BlackBerry. This showed his love for his BlackBerry, hopping off Marine One to race back to the house to get the phone.

7. When Kim Kardashian raved about the Blackberry

Kim Kardashian promoting BB curve pink

Kim Kardashian has been one of the biggest BlackBerry fans for many years. She even made an appearance at the Verizon Wireless launch part back in 2008 and can be seen sporting a BlackBerry 8330 Pink Curve.