Here’s What You’re Called As Part Of A Celebrity Fan Club


We love our celebrities. Oh, we do! The minute a new star is born, fan clubs are created and the public becomes devoted to the army. Remember that time, long ago, when Angelina Jolie just got together with Brad Pitt and he dumped Jennifer Aniston? Well, that birthed the infamous hashtags #TeamJolie and #TeamJen that divided people into which woman’s side they were on. You may like particular celebs and follow their social media, but if you want to be part of their global fan club, there’s a name you gotta call yourself by. Some of them are typical, some are racy and some are downright stupid. But here’s what you’re called as part of a fan club for

Celeb: Adam Lambert

Fan Club: Glamberts


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Celeb: Adele

Fan Club: Daydreamers

Celeb: Ariana Grande

Fan Club: Arianators

Celeb: Austin Mahone

Fan Club: Mahomies

Celeb: Avril Lavigne

Fan Club: Black Stars

Celeb: Azealia Banks

Fan Club: Kunt Brigade

Celeb: Barry Manilow

Fan Club: Fanilows

Celeb: Batman

Fan Club: Batmaniacs

Celeb: Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

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Fan Club: Cumberbitches

Celeb: Beyoncé

Fan Club: BeyHive

Celeb: Bruno Mars

Fan Club: Hooligans

Celeb: Carly Rae Jepsen

Fan Club: Jepsies

Celeb: Chris Pine

Fan Club: Pine-Nuts

Celeb: Christopher Nolan

Fan Club: Nolanites

Celeb: Clay Aiken

Fan Club: Claymates

Conan O’Brien

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Celeb: Conan O’Brien

Fan Club: Coconuts

Celeb: Ed Sheeran

Fan Club: Sheerios

Celeb: Ellie Goulding

Fan Club: Goulddiggers


Fan Club: Stans

Celeb: Green Day

Fan Club: Idiots

Celeb: Henry Cavill

Fan Club: Cavillry

Celeb: Imagine Dragons

Fan Club: Firebreathers

Jennifer Aniston

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Celeb: Jennifer Aniston

Fan Club: Fanistons

Celeb: Kelly Clarkson

Fan Club: Kellebrities

Celeb: Kelly Rowland

Fan Club: Rowland Stones

Celeb: Ke$ha

Fan Club: Animals

Lil’ Wayne

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Celeb: Lil’ Wayne

Fan Club: Wayniacs

Celeb: Meghan Trainor

Fan Club: Megatronz

Celeb: Meryl Streep

Fan Club: Streepers

Celeb: Miley Cyrus

Fan Club: Smilers

Celeb: Motörhead

Fan Club: Motörheadbangers

Celeb: My Chemical Romance

Fan Club: Killjoys

Celeb: Paramore

Fan Club: Parawhores

Celeb: Sailor Moon

Fan Club: Moonies

Celeb: Slipknot

Fan Club: Maggots

Celeb: Tom Hiddleston

Fan Club: Hiddlestoners

Zayn Malik

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Celeb: Zayn Malik

Fan Club: Zquad

Celeb: Zendaya

Fan Club: ZSwaggers

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