How You Can Save At Least $1000/Month With Lifestyle Changes


It’s not easy living these days. The standard has been raised so high, and as product after consumer product floods the market, we are spoilt for choice and end up going into debt while simply existing. Loans, mortgages, credit card bills…the list goes on and the struggle is real. In fact, the majority of millennials haven’t even started saving for retirement, neither do they have any backup cash should an emergency, God forbid, occur. After the party is over, you need to get serious and start planning, no matter how much you may hate it. Believe it or not, here is how you can save at least $1000/month with lifestyle changes:

Start Cooking At Home

How much time do you really give into thinking what you put into your mouth? And yet, nutrition is necessary for your body. Most of the food you eat from out is unhealthy when consumed on a daily basis. And it’s expensive to boot. You can make breakfast, lunch and dinner at home! There are so many cooking channels like SortedFood on YouTube that show you how to cook the tastiest of dishes in the simplest and most fastest ways.

Ditch The Cable

There have been many TV addicts who now swear that life got better when they decided to cut the lifeline, ie, cable. In any case, you get every show and movie you want online through downloads or streaming. And who likes those annoying commercials anyway? When you subscribe to streaming sources, you can even watch your favorite show at your time without interruptions. Netflix and chill, anyone?

Quit The Gym

Celebrities with their yoga pants have been endorsing gyms for ages now. Remember, they not only get sponsored by said gyms, but it’s their damn jobs to stay fit and they will pay through their noses to look good in the tabloids. You’re a hard worker with an active lifestyle. So, why are you paying for fitness when you can do it for free? Swap an indoor gym for outdoor hiking, jogging, playing sports, etc. You can also do some free hand cardio and yoga at home on the floor.

Walk Everywhere You Go

Maybe some destinations are too far to walk it out. But the local grocery store or coffee shop can be reached by ditching the car. Not only will you be saving on gas, but you will also be doing your bit to save the environment.

If you add everything up, including where you live and how much you spend on living expenses, it will add up to at least $1000. Another great savings is by making your coffee at home. The ones outside may be delicious, but they are also bloody expensive. If you calculate it, you spend most of your money on eating. Going out is not cheap and as mentioned earlier, it’s not healthy either. Think about it, the healthier your lifestyle is, the more you end up saving in the long run. Think about that long and hard.