16 Blood Pumping Songs to Boost Your Motivation and Keep You Going! #gymplaylist


Life is hard, gymming is harder!

We could all use the occasional pick-me-up to get us back in the right frame of mind to get things done. Music – the right music, that is – is one of the surest and most effective ways of getting yourself in gear. So, whether you’re in need of an extra push out of bed in the morning or you’re looking for something to nudge you on to run that extra mile, check out this selection of tunes guaranteed to put a bit of extra pep in your step.


Catch a dose of Bob Marley’s timeless wisdom to inspire you to be true to yourself in your search for fulfillment. Few attain it in this world, but you have to get up and make the attempt if you’re to have a chance at all.

2. DEMI LOVATO – “Confident”

Confidence is the key to opening many doors in this world. Catch a boost with Demi Lovato’s smash hit.


When the odds are stacked against you and the task at hand seems impossible, what do you do? There’re lots of options, but backing down should never cross your mind.

4. DAFT PUNK – “One More Time”

Set yourself free one more time with this irresistible electronic dance track. If this doesn’t get you pumped my friend, you need to get yourself checked out or something.

5. JOURNEY – “Don’t Stop Believin’

You can’t go wrong with some classic 80’s rock anthems in a playlist such as this one. Find the courage to keep on keeping on in a rough world; you know you can do it.

6. MARY J. BLIGE – “Just Fine”

RnB queen Mary J. Blige delivers one of the all-time ultimate pick-me-ups with this hit. Never doubt yourself, and always remember that the pain is temporary, but the gain lasts a lifetime.

7. ALESSO FT. TOVE LO – “Heroes (We Could Be)”

Heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. We can all be heroes once we set our minds to it.

8. WALK OFF THE EARTH – “Rule The World”

You are the master of your own destiny. Don’t be afraid to dream big – you can’t achieve what you can’t believe.

9. THE WEEKEND – “Earned It”

Hard work will always pay off. The trick is sticking to your plan until it does. Nobody ever got that six-pack after two visits to the gym. Give yourself what you deserve – the best.

10. AVICII – “Wake Me Up”

In so many aspects of life and its endeavors, the first step is more often than not the hardest. Wake up with Avicii and get pumped to make that first step!

11. EMINEM — “Not Afraid”

You’ve got to stand for something in this world or you’ll for anything. Stiffen up that spine with Eminem’s chant-worthy hit.


We’re all different, and our paths in life will often be very different from everybody else’s. If you’ve decided to get on that diet you’ve been talking about, you go right ahead and do it, because you’re doing it for nobody but yourself. Let the haters hate.

13. SLEIGH BELLS – “Rill Rill”

You’re here to win, and you shouldn’t ever consider anything less than that. Sleigh Bells will have you in the winner’s mindset with this one.

14. KANYE WEST – “Stronger”

Harder, better, faster, stronger. Trust ‘Yeezy’ to get straight to the point. Whether you’re in the gym about to rack up some weights or on the road about to clear that extra mile, this will psyche you up to push it to the max.

15. LL COOL J – “Mama Said Knock You Out”

One of the all-time hype music classics, feel the energy of a young LL Cool J as he sets you loose on the world! The competition will pay the price for sure!

16. SIA – “Unstoppable”

You’ve got places to go and things to get done, and nothing is going to get in your way. You’re unstoppable; a force of nature; now get out there and handle your business!

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