Make Your Mornings Fantastical And Unbelievably Productive


Nevermind, Monday. Well, it’s time to quit screwing around and get down to business – enough of your days have been spent going to sleep too late and waking up later than you should, running around half-asleep to get out the door and to a long day at work. Let’s be real – you aren’t living to your life to the full and you aren’t being as productive as you could. Yes, you may have that project you need to complete, a diary you need to start journaling in and so many other things you have to accomplish before it’s too late. Here are some quick-fixes to make your mornings fantastical and unbelievably productive…

Plan Ahead

Just before you lay yourself down to rest, use the last 5 minutes before snooze time to plan for the next day. It really helps, knowing how your day is going to pan out. This will help you prioritize activities properly, cancel out unwanted distractions and get ahead in the game before the day has even begun.

Wake Up Early

It is extremely tempting to sleep on through the morning and get going in the nick of time. Imagine this: if you wake up by say, 5am, you are literally at least one hour ahead of the rat pack. People on an average start the day by 6am, and some even take it to 8am or 9am, but if you’re up before the sun is, you get that whole extra time to do anything you want, in the quiet of the early morn with little to no distractions. Self-help guru Robin Sharma says you should use this time for meditation and self-awareness.


Begin by exercising your mind. Work on your spirituality by either meditating or chanting your favourite phrase. You can even try stretchy yoga to get the muscles moving or go all-out with cardio or any workout you prefer. That extra morning boost will give you a positive outlook throughout the day. And a good workout makes anyone feel like a champ, so you would kickstart your day already feeling like a winner.


According to the book, The One Thing, your energy diminishes as the day goes on, like the battery of your smartphone or laptop. So, it would be obvious that you should keep the most important tasks for the beginning of the day, when you have had a rested night’s sleep and can still concentrate pretty well. Which brings us to the next point…

Time To Personalize

Since work, family and God-knows-what-else will grab for your attention throughout the day, how about starting off by spending those precious hours all for yourself? Maybe you’re working on a book you’ve wanted to complete for ages, or you think painting or pottery needs more practice. This time is just for yourself, so make the most of it, put as much effort into it and gift the first part of your day to YOU!

Spend Time With Your Significant Other

Again, personal and professional tasks can take most of our time. You don’t know what time you’re going to get back from work, and maybe you have a partner who works night shifts. How about trying to spend the early morning with your significant other? This shows that you prioritize them highly, and each one will respect the other more, as you listen to each other talk, get intimate or just hang with each other. Your day will go on with you having that secret smile on your face…

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