How To Become A Morning Person – Instantly!

Morning Person

So the weekend just taught you that you’re seriously NOT prepared for Monday morning. Hangover, much? Snooze button……5 more minutes……second alarm……oh, sh*t, I am late! That was you, wasn’t it? Why can’t the weekend have one more day?! Seriously, why???

Well, there are those lucky few who’s internal clocking systems are tuned to get up well before the sun. For the rest of us, we go through that routine of stay up late-get up late that helps us get little done and always makes us feel incomplete and under-accomplished. We look up magazines that boast about the “winners” of the world being morning people, who have formed the famed “5AM CLUB”. You no longer need to envy them, because with these simple fool-proof methods, we teach you How To Become A Morning Person – INSTANTLY!

What are you consuming the previous night?

A Redbull or cup of coffee is guaranteed to keep you up for longer than you should be. You may feel that alcohol helps you doze off faster, but the truth is that you get troubled sleep, making you feel groggy the next morning. So, understand what you are consuming beforehand and you will find that you are able to get the required hours of sleep/rest as needed. Instead of a glass of wine, swap it with chamomile tea or something soothing. Witness the relaxed awakening at the break of day.

Do something important as you wake up

Schedule a jog as one of the first things you plan on doing after brushing your teeth. An activity that is important to you will make a difference on whether you choose to wake up at the assigned time or tap the snooze button. Many people suggest journaling or meditating, but let’s be real – in our sleep, we could easily mutter an excuse and catch some extra shut-eye. As said earlier, go for a jog, or better still, send an official email in the wee hours. Now, there’s incentive to get you up and going!

Don’t scroll through social media! Ponder on your own life

It is estimated that a staggering number of people check their social media within 5 minutes of waking up. Why? Because it seems utterly important to check other people’s updates while ignoring our own. Use the silence of the morning to do the ultimate thing – reflect on life. Maybe sit with a warm cup of lemon water and focus on your plans for the day, enjoy this time spent doing NOTHING. That’s right. For once in your life, don’t get up running out the door. Spending time with YOURSELF first thing in the morning will brighten up your day. Guaranteed.

Turn out the lights

Sure you’ve heard of that scientific discovery – as you sleep, your body produces dopamine and serotonin that helps with sleep and has a vast number of health benefits. If you sleep with even a night light on, forget about a whole brightened room, you will not get the rest that your tired body so deserves. If there is some disturbance, like a street light or the computer glow, use an eye mask or some other protection and make sure you cover those tender eyelids as you lay your body to rest.