Tips To Expedite Your Metabolism With Ease

speed up metabolism
Easy ways to speed up metabolism.

There are zillions of chemical processes that take place at any one time in our bodies to enable smooth functioning of organs and sustaining our lives in the course of it. There are two major components to the body’s metabolism, namely Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) for regular operations and Thermic effect which is in charge of food digestion and absorption. BMR accounts for 50 to 80 percent of the energy consumed on a daily basis. Unused or Excess energy is automatically converted and stored as fat in our bodies. Metabolism is also a function of factors such as muscle mass, body size, drugs, age, gender, genetics, physical activities and even environmental aspects. Some of these factors are beyond our control whilst others are within our power to manage. As such, we can explore them diligently in order to achieve appreciable speeds in metabolic rates. Adopt the ways listed below and shrink your waist as you attain an enviable peak shape.

Calculate your calorie burn

burning calories metabolism
Burn calories the right way.

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The amount of calories burnt in a day is inversely proportional to your body weight. Best practice to achieve the recommended equilibrium is to eat less as you work more. Fitness freaks can acquire a calorie calculator to keep tabs with their daily performance on this front.


Don’t blow off weightlifting

Do not blow off weightlifting.
Do not blow off weightlifting.

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Research has shown that by developing muscles, we burn more calories than accumulating fat in our bodies .It’s therefore advisable to continue weightlifting even in old age as this keeps metabolism in check. The weight lifting regimen should follow a routine schedule for excellent results.

Eat the correct number of calories

calorie intake
Watch your calorie intake.


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Through the help of qualified nutritionists, physicians or obesity specialists, health conscious individuals can know the amount of calorie intake they require to maintain a certain weight level .This will speed up metabolism and forestall unnecessary expenses incurred by signing up for aerobic classes or boxing gyms later.

Get your omega-3s

Include Omega 3 foods in your diet
Include Omega 3 foods in your diet

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Eating lots of salmon, tuna and herring can also amplify metabolism. Omega 3 is responsible for balanced sugar levels, enhanced absorption of fat burning hormone- leptin and controlled inflammation in our bodies. Fitness enthusiasts who do not fancy regular diets of fish can opt for daily doses of 1000 – 2000 milligrams of omega 3-atty acid supplements.

Regular Workouts

Regular Workout Speed Metabolism
Regular Workout is a must to speed up your metabolism.

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Observing Cardio exercises 3- 5 times a week is a proven speed booster to your metabolism. For maximum results, experts recommend 20 seconds of sustained exercise coupled with 10 seconds of rest in between. This pushes the mitochondria concentration inside our body cells translating into more energy burn out.

Try these few tips in addition to those offered by expert fitness gurus and inject 30 more years into your life’s expectancy.

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