Yoga: A Way To Harmonize Your Mind, Body & Soul

Regular Yoga exercises strengthens your mind, body and soul

Yoga is an amalgamation of physical, spiritual and mental disciplines with roots in ancient India around the 5th to 6th Centuries BC. This meditative chore involves specific postures and is widely used for relaxation and healthy living. These include complimentary inter-mediation in the treatment of chronic diseases such as asthma, cancer, schizophrenia and even heart ailments.

Yoga is more about the routines, poses and the accompanying feeling- other than the attendant paraphernalia that normally equips a yoga studio. It can be practiced both outdoors and indoors in whatever surroundings. What matters is that one’s body, mind and spirit are in tune with each other. There are myriads of benefits to be derived from practicing Yoga, a couple of which areas listed below:

Great Body Posture

Yoga is a tried and tested solution when it comes to aligning the different parts of our body. Bad postures are a manifestation of disharmony in our structure and usually results in irritable aches and pains. A slouchy posture affects sitting positions, attentiveness and even ones walking style.

Yoga aids in improving one’s body structure

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If you are not a fan of weights and dumbbells but wish to build muscles, then Yoga will do the magic. Using your body as the ultimate resistance, the muscles build naturally as you develop strength concurrently. Different yoga poses like bakasana, planks and even headstands, will ensure you don’t get bored in between.

Yoga activates all the muscles in the body

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Zealous Yoga fans will attest to the fact that human bodies are highly malleable and supple if subjected to a sustained exercise regimen. Over time body joints and tendons loosen up to a point where erstwhile difficult maneuvers and feats are executed with much ease.

Yoga is said to increase flexibility

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Better Balance

Yoga students realize quite early that the earlier they cultivate a perfect equilibrium the faster and further they progress in this art. In the process, a better sense of balance and co-ordination of bodily functions kicks in almost subconsciously. This balanced outlook is infectious not only in applying judgment but also undertaking day to day practical activities.

Doing yoga regularly, improves body balancing

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Other areas where Yoga adds value to our wellness is through enhanced skin tones, lean shapely figures for ladies and of course better sleep at night, improved sex life and boundless energy in ones undertakings.

Sign up for Yoga classes today and subject these benefits to the test!

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