9 Inexpensive Decorating Tips For Your Homes

    Inexpensive home decor tips this ummer

    Decorating homes or revamping home decors shouldn’t necessarily be a major task and you don’t have to churn out a huge sum of money from your pocket to get it done. Here are nine inexpensive decorating tips that will have your rooms looking neat and fresh in no time.

    1.Renew the window dressings:

    You can easily avail reams of ready made draperies from stores. Hem them until you get the right size or leave them to puddle on the floor. You can even make use of designer outlet fabrics to make your own. Hang the draperies from a striking fresh curtain rod which are obtainable in stock sizes.


    Hang the draperies from a striking fresh curtain rod

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    2.Use paint for makeover:

    The entire room doesn’t have to be repainted. Make your creativity flow and add touches by painting a contrasting rectangle over the sofa. It can be used as a gallery space. The insides of the bookshelves can also be painted in an eye catching color or paint the ceiling in a lighter color than your wall.


    Paint your walls with distinct designs to make it pop

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    3. Swap paintings and arts:

    Put down all the paintings and arts and swap them to different rooms or walls. It will give your rooms a new look and will be like spotting them for the first time.


    Use framed wall arts that make you feel inspired

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    4.Change the bulb in the bedroom lamp:

    For creating a romantic effect, change the light bulb in the bedroom lamp with rosy or pink glow. If not, go for a rosy or pink lampshade which will create the same effect.


    One way to ramp your home is to swap your usual lighting with softer coloured bulbs

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    5.Replace the bathroom shower hooks or curtain:

    To add instant freshness to even a grimy bathroom and create sparkling makeover, replace the shower hooks or curtain with fresh ones.


    Include shower curtains with fresh and bright prints

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    6.Pick seasonal accents from walks:

    Take a walk in the beach, woods or parks and pick up free seasonal accents. A bowl of colorful pebbles, a tray of pine cones and shells can all make attractive but inexpensive home decor accessories.


    Fill a bowl with pine cones and set them on your table

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    7.Replace the cabinet and drawer pulls:

    Plenty of stylish and budget friendly cabinet and drawer pulls are available in antique or thrift stores. Replace them in your bedroom or kitchen for a revamp.


    Replace your old drawers with light coloured and fancy drawer pulls

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    8.Create a gallery wall with family photos:

    This inexpensive decorating tip is classy and easy. Collect family photos and create a gallery wall in contrasting or matching frames. Arrange them in a collage on a large wall like in a hallway.


    Create your very own family photo gallery

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    9.Change small details:

    Small changes can make a big difference. Get inexpensive attractive coasters, crystal vases with fresh flowers or artistic desk frames to enhance the aesthetic of your room.


    Add fresh flower arrangements in a vase and place it on your living room table

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    Try these nine inexpensive decorating tips to give your rooms a nice and fresh makeover.