Stars Who Defy The Concept Of Ageing

Celebs who defy ageing

Science claims that as we get older with age, there are vast differences that take place in our bodies, not to mention the surface of our skin. Whether it is the appearance of wrinkles, graying hair or sagging muscles, most of us face the harsh reality of growing old later in life. However, the gods can be cruel, and there are those famous celebrities who, on top of being blessed with dazzling careers and loads of money, also defy aging and don’t look a day older than they did a decade ago. And we are not talking about those who took the help of a plastic surgeon and went under the knife to turn back time – we are talking about those celebrities who never seem to age:

Jennifer Aniston

The Friends star has always had shiny hair and a pearly white smile. During her days of playing Rachel Green, she also was the fashion fantasy of many women who wanted to look just like her. Even divorcing Brad Pitt did seem to have an effect on her beauty. Despite being over 40 years old, she in fact looks hotter than ever. Whether she’s appearing completely naked in movies or on the cover of magazines, she is fit and healthier than ever. And yes, she also has a new husband to help her stay young – fellow actor Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston swear by drinking a few liters of water a day

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Jennifer Lopez

The 40+ mother of twins who has had multiple failed marriages is another celebrity blessed with great genes. Her ample booty that she is famed for and her rising career as a successful pop star, actor and talent show judge has earned her a place in this list. Her dance moves are on point and her gleaming skin has fought the agents of age to her advantage. Maybe it’s her younger man, stage dancer Casper Smart who is keeping her fresh and young, but there is no denying the sheer beauty of this Latina woman.

Jennifer Lopez defying the concept of aging

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Cindy Crawford

The former supermodel was one of the world’s most beautiful women in her hay days. Today at 48, she barely looks like she’s in her early 30s with her naturally taut skin and banging figure. True, she leads a lavish lifestyle, but never wanders away from a balanced, healthy diet and exercise regimen. The best part is that she seems to have passed on her legendary looks to her daughter who is about to make her debut as a model. We can’t wait to see mother-daughter sashaying down the catwalk!

Cindy Crawford, although 48 years old but looks nothing like one

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Kate Winslet

Titanic star Kate Winslet first came into the limelight as a red head with a charming figure. But as she got older and had children with multiple men, she seems to have found the perfect balance in life that has reflected perfectly on her physical appearance. Just as she was nearly 2 decades ago, she remains as ageless as ever, despite pushing 40. Her skin is just as supple and porcelain as it was when she played best friend Leonardo DiCaprio’s love interest.

Kate Winslet hasn’t aged a lot since her Titanic days

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Halle Berry

Former Bond girl Halle Berry makes everyone around her jealous. Why? Because she looks just the same as she did years ago. Today she is 47 and growing older by the day, but her body seems to be going backwards – she looks youthful and luscious as ever! Halle is known to keep a strict lifestyle that involves meditative practices and fresh eating, and her curvaceous figure continues to defy gravity!

Halle Berry follows a strict lifestyle that involves meditation and fresh eating

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Gwen Stefani

The No Doubt singer was a grunge star in the 90s, with her tiny waist, platinum blonde hair and bright red lips. Nearly 2 decades later, she’s still the same! Though she has given birth to two children and gone through a bitter divorce battle, her naturally fit look drops jaws everywhere. She swears by active sports like boxing and cardio, but says she stepped back a bit as she got older. Good news is that at 44 she seems to have found true love in Blake Shelton and lost the concept of time and age.

Gwen Stefani swears by active sports like boxing and cardio

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Julia Roberts

America’s original sweetheart and Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts is just a burst of sunshine. Her signature dazzling smile and toned body has stood the test of time for decades now, and yet no one can tell she is 46 years old! Maybe it is her constant smiling practice that has kept her youthful or her love of yoga, but George Clooney’s best friend is definitely strong competition for the younger stars of today.

It is Julia Roberts constant smiling that has kept her youthful or her love of yoga!

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