Simple Ways To Feng Shui Your Home And Transform Your Life

Simple ways to Feng Shui your home

Feng Shui has been used by people for centuries to improve the space they live in and create a home that feels safe and inspiring. You too can apply most of its principles by doing as little as managing where you keep certain things, which will go a long way towards enhancing your life in more ways than one. Having said that, here are eight simple ways to Feng Shui your home and create a home that becomes your own personal getaway from the world outside.

A Captivating Entrance

All your opportunities come to you through the entrance of your home and this is why you need to take special care of it. Keep it clean and inspiring by placing things like colorful doormats, plants or anything that tends to give off positive vibes.


Opportunities come through the entrance of your home. keep it clean

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Remove Furniture That Doesn’t Fit Well

Replace stuff that you constantly bump into or bruise yourself with as these tend to make you feel unsafe when in proximity to them. Avoid keeping anything that resembles a weapon or is related to violence. Another good thing is to have round edged furniture in place of ones with sharp edges.


Avoid having weapons or anything related to weapons at home

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Clean and Organized Is The Way To Be

Having to deal with a lot of clutter around us often takes up a lot of our energy and rings our morale down. Our surroundings often give an idea about the state of our lives and if our homes are in messed up, it is likely that our lives are too. So keep it simple and have only what you essentially need.


Feel positive by organizing things at home

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Arrange Furniture So That It Empowers You

Place your tables, bed or desks in such a way so that you can see the entire room and the entrance without having to keep them in direct alignment with the doorway. This helps to empower the brain and make you comfortable as you feel in control of the surroundings.


Organizing your furniture the right way helps you feel comfortable and inspiring at home

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Fix Stuff That Might Be Broken, Rotting or Needs Attention

Caring for your homes is as important as caring for yourself. If there is stuff in your home that needs to be repaired, fixed or discarded, you have to do it without fail as the state of your home often goes on to reflect the state of your life.


Fix or get rid of broken things at home. State of home often reflects the state of life

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Have A Part Of Nature Around

Humans have been living in close proximity with nature for thousands of years and it’s is natural to feel at ease when you have plants in your home. It helps to channelize our energy and calm down our mind. So bringing nature inside is one of the simple ways to Feng Shui your home.


Having a few plants at home helps one feel at ease and frees the flow of positive energy

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Keep What You Really Love

Live the way you want to rather than the way others want you to. Keep things around you that reflect the kind of person you are at present rather than those that show what you were a decade back. You do not need to seek approval from people. Surround yourself with things that inspire you daily and encourage you in your endeavors.


Surround yourself with things that inspire you and make you feel good

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Surround Yourself With The Right Colours

Surrounding yourself with the right colours affects our lives a lot at different points in our lives. Choose the ones that make you feel happy, rejuvenated and inspired throughout the day rather than the one that seem dull.


For your home, choose colours that make you feel calm and relaxed

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So follow these simple ways to Feng Shui your home and experience the positive changes that take place in your life, thus making it a much happier one.