Delicious and Nutritious Foods That Will Trend in 2016


Each industry experiences new trends every year. The same applies to the food industry. For food lovers, there is a lot to expect in 2016. For one, we will go for delicious foods as we avoid high-calorie delicacies. Other than the obvious, here are seven food trends that will take 2016 by storm.

1. Exotic Condiments

Exotic condiments

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Ketchup and mustard have become cliché. Everyone is used to them, and it is time better sauces hit the stores and kitchens. In 2016, expect funky and spicy sauces from Asia, Middle East, and Africa. With sauce from Asia well known for how good they taste, we can only wait and imagine how these exotic condiments will impact our taste buds.

2. Poke


Ahi Poke, Hawaii

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3. Acai Bowls

Acai Bowl

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With deliciousness and nutrition, acai bowls are set to trend. Acai bowls are made of the acai berry, which is full of taste and nutrition. In 2016, people will do away with juice bars and frozen yogurt and adopt acai bowls.



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We love how great ham and pork tastes. Now imagine how a combination of the two will taste. Now that is SPAM. With more people going for Hawaiian-style cuisines, SPAM is sure to take 2016 by storm.

5. Artisan Ice Cream

Artisan Ice creams

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If you love artisan ice cream, this is the year that you will frequent your favorite creamery. With tons of delicious flavors to sample, artisan ice cream is sure to make part of your diet.

6. Fermented Foods

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If you always wonder why the French love cheese, then 2016 is the year you will know why. With the funky flavors and sour tastes of fermentation, 2016 is the year of fermented foods.

7. Seaweed


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We were all getting bored of kale. But thanks to the mouthwatering taste and nutritious value of seaweed, this year we will get rid of kale.

There is a lot to sample this year regarding food. Packed with nutritious value and deliciousness, these are the seven food trends that will take 2016 by storm.