Pros And Cons Of Applying To A Foreign College

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Applying to a foreign college might promise endless opportunities and adventures that you would not get back at home, but the truth is that it presents its own unique set of challenges. The unknown is scary. While you will enjoy some form of independence, adapting to an alien culture may prove very difficult.

Here are some of the pros and cons of applying to a foreign college:


1. Adventure

Do you know that college is an adventure in itself? That’s right. Going away from home presents you with new experiences and endless opportunities beyond adding stamps to your passport. You will meet many students from different cultures and study alongside them.

2. Networking opportunities

If you are interested in working in a foreign country then applying for college in away from home is a plus to make your dreams a reality. If you graduate from a recognized institution in your preferred country, chances are that you will be considered for a job in companies operating there.

3. Independence

Going far from home to study means that you are likely to leave your family and friends behind, right? Starting over a new life in which you are able to control allows you to be more independent. You have no one but yourself to choose the right paths, including friends to associate with and your study schedule.


1. Difficulty adapting

While applying to a foreign college may provide new experiences and opportunities, it has its share of challenges as well. Adapting to an alien culture where you do not know anyone can be really difficult. You have to adapt to the rules and probably learn the language of your host.

2. Homesickness

Think about it: you have left your home for a far away country and traveled thousands of miles to study. Chances are that you may find it difficult to settle without your family and friends. You will miss them more with every wake of day until you get used to the place.

3. Expenses

Fine, you may want to apply to a foreign college to save money on tuition, but do you know that the expenses of travelling back home for breaks and holidays may be very costly? This is especially true for students who are closer to their families and want to see them a few times every year.