8 Fashion Tips For Short Girls


    A key idea in fashion is to dress for the body you have. This, of course, also means dressing appropriately for your height. Short girls have a wide array of outfits and ideas they can choose from to either appear taller, or look absolutely stunning in spite of their height impediments. We will list a few ideas you can try out.

    Avoid too many colors

    Going monochrome for heat to toe will eliminate the “blocks” caused by colors, and make you taller. Even if you choose to go for a monochromatic look, try not to combine dark and light colors – instead just pick one and roll with different shades of it from head to toe.

    High waist pants

    Wearing high waist jeans, pants and skirts will create and optical illusion that will make you look taller than you actually are. Tuck in your top for bonus centimeters.

    Aim above the knee

    Although your first idea would be to show as much as your legs as possible, try to buy skirts and dresses that end right above the knee.

    Fashion Tips For Short Girls
    Fashion Tips For Short Girls

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    Choose thinner belts

    The thicker the belt, the bulkier that certain area will look. Be careful to choose thin belts both for your pants and your dresses.

    Befriend the tailor

    Chances are you won’t find great fits in off-the-rack clothing, so don’t be afraid to buy a size up and ask a tailor to alter the clothes to fit you perfectly.

    Wear darker shades

    Everyone knows that black is a slimming color, but picking a shade darker than you usually would in everything will make your silhouette appear longer.

    Use vertical lines

    This should be you preferred print when shopping. Try to avoid anything with horizontal lines and stay away from very bold patterns, as they will make you appear wider.

    Avoid oversized handbags

    Stick to a simple, medium-sized bag and you should be good. You don’t want your handbag to be half the size of your entire body, do you?

    Combine all these tips with a dash on confidence and you will surely be a fashion hit in no time. Remember to have fun and pick a style that suits you, but keep in mind these simple tips so that you dress according to your body type.