Alkaline Foods: A Simple Diet to Help You Beat Cancer

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In the early 1930’s, scientists proposed a simple yet natural cancer treatment strategy. Initially, this form of treatment was considered dangerous and experimental by the medical fraternity and the scientific community. Due to this classification, this proposed form of cancer treatment was referenced in obscure publications that were not recognized by the mainstream press.

This new strategy was referred to as the PH therapy or alkaline therapy. The approach is based on observations and experiments with cellular metabolism combined with cultures that had no incidence of cancer. Since cancer cells have a small PH tolerance metabolism for cellular mitosis, it makes the principles of PH therapy very simple. The PH tolerance of these cancerous cells is between 6.5 and 7.5 and thus lowering or raising their internal PH can stop cancer progression.

Alkaline Foods

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Alkaline Foods Guarantee Cancer Cells Starvation

Cancer cells are known to thrive in a less-oxygenated atmosphere. Hence, introducing them to excess oxygen can degenerate and kill cancer cells leading to their disappearance. Alkaline cells have a higher oxygen retention capacity than the normal and acidic cells. When these cells are introduced into a malignant cancerous cell, they make it impossible for the cancerous cells to survive.

Alkaline foods produce alkaline cells in large numbers. Their high oxygen retention capabilities are believed to destroy the cancerous cells. Therefore, it is advisable that you should consume a significant amount of alkaline foods to prevent your body from being acidic hence allowing you to avoid a variety of diseases.

Types of Alkaline Foods

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There are many sources of alkaline foods. The main types of these sources include nuts, fresh fruits, berries, green vegetables, and fresh dairy products. Lemons and watermelons are the best sources of alkaline nutrients that assist in the creation of alkaline cells. Though when some of these foods are tested, they show up as acidic, after undergoing digestion their end product is alkaline. The alkaline products are responsible for the enhancement of alkalinity levels in the body.

Moderately alkaline foods include alfalfa, apples, avocado pears, berries, and fresh green vegetables. These foods can be eaten throughout the day in the form of a snack and hence will assist you to reduce your possibility of contracting cancer. If you ae attempting the alkaline diet therapy, you should consume highly alkaline foods more often to keep your body entirely alkanized.


Alkaline Foods Strengthens Body Immunity

As you try to prevent cancer, you should alkalize your body naturally through consumption of alkaline foods. Maintenance of body alkalinity is believed to strengthen its immune system and to alkalize it the natural way is highly beneficial without any risks of harmful side effects. If the body immune system is healthy, cancer is prevented to a great extent.

There are certain strategies that you can take to help you in the gradual balancing of your PH level. You can take soymilk and almond milk instead of dairy products. Reduce consumption of turkey, chicken, red meat and soft drinks. Additionally, you should eliminate processed, ready-made, and fast foods from your diet and replace them with whole-wheat products and big salads as a whole meal.

The change in diet will make you healthier with a stronger body. Therefore, doctors and scientists advice that you should start a diet of alkaline foods as soon as possible to help your body in the prevention of cancer while you simultaneously remain healthy.

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