Emerging Trends And The Best Hair Coloring Styles In 2016

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Hair coloring involves the activity of changing the color of your hair. The sole reason for hair coloring is the beauty. Other causes behind hair coloring include finding a charming hairstyle, covering the gray hair and the initial restoration of the original hair color after the side effects of bleaching.

This year, some hair coloring styles have been trending in the fashion industry. The best hair fit is all about your personality. The primary factor about hair coloring is that it can be done both at home and at commercial shops.

The hottest hair coloring styles in 2016

The balayage coloring style


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This is one of the next hair color styles that is taking the industry at a very high rate. The best thing about balayage hair color is that it fits all type of hair color.

The pastel hues

Pastel Hair Colours

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Pastel hues have also been widely embraced by celebrities. Pastel hues come in the form of colors which includes baby blues, light violets, and pale pink.

The somber hair color


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The current somber style is precise and ingenious. Try this style for the best hair style color.

The babylights hair color

babylights hair color

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The babylights hair color is a style that is being used by a large number of people. Babylights style involves natural twisting of hair that includes sections coloring.

Tips on how to do your hair coloring

Hair coloring has dos and doesn’t that should be followed for successful results. The two basic tips that should help you get a long run lead to hair coloring include;

Avoid bleaching your hair with products from over the counter hair colors

Getting your hair colored by the commercial hairdressers works as the best option always. Avoid the do it yourself scenario as it mostly leads to serious repercussions. There are varying results from different hair textures. All hairs do not render the same results, a fact that many people fail to consider.

Always experiment your hair coloring with non-permanent dyes

Many people tend to try different hair styles in their early 20’s. According to hairstylists, it is recommended to try your best outfit with demi-permanent dyes and semi-permanent dyes. The reason behind this is that a particular dye may not work out well for you, hence washing out required.

In most instances, non-permanent dyes are washed out after one month. Always consider checking on your best hair coloring style before you do a permanent dye.