10 Facts About Oscar-Winner Leonardo DiCaprio That You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo Credits: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/content/dam/film/leoglobes3-xlarge.jpg

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar win surely isn’t news for anyone, unless they have lived under a rock for the past few weeks. The entire internet has been waiting for the artist to win an Oscar for quite some times now, so his recent success came as a big relief. Apart from being a great actor, there are some things about Leo that most people don’t know. Here is a list of the most interesting 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Leonardo DiCaprio:

1. Leonardo’s first agent insisted that he should change his name, because it sounded “too ethnic”. Leo refused and continued to use his real name, which brought him a world of fame afterwards.

2. The haircut he made famous in the movie “Titanic” was outlawed by the Taliban, who actually arrested a good number of barbers who gave their customers this haircut.

3. Leonardo had to be taught how to act high by drug experts on the set of “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The actor insisted that he has never done drugs before, so he had to learn how to fake being high.

4. He is a big supporter of a green environment, and has bought an island in the Belize archipelago some years ago, in order to turn it into the world’s first eco-restorative resort.

5. Leonardo cut his hand during the epic dinner scene in Django Unchained, but chose to improvise, continue the scene and finish it despite his hand bleeding profoundly. The improvised scene actually made the final cut and was used in the movie.

6. For the filming of “Titanic”, co-star Kate-Winslet actually flashed Leonardo before the shooting of the movie, in order to be more comfortable when filming the scene where she had to be naked in front of him.

7. Aside from 3 Golden Globe awards, Leonardo DiCaprio has never won any major awards. This year’s Oscar win for the movie “The Revenant” is his first out of 4 nominations and his biggest achievement so far.

8. DiCaprio suffers from OCD, which actually help him in one of his best roles up to date, in the movie “The Aviator”, because the original character, Howard Hughes, also suffered from this illness.

9. Leonardo speaks a little German and Italian, due to his parents. His father was of Italian and German descent, while his mother is entirely German.

10. He was named after the great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, because he first kicked in his mother’s belly when she was viewing a painting done by the famous artist in Florence. His father took this as a sign, and thus the famous actor got his name from the renowned Italian painter and inventor.