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5 Tips to take care of skin in 40

Skin care is usually ignored by many people. People often take care of their health but ignore their skin and then regret when they are in their 40s. It is always wise to begin...

4 Easy home remedies to get rid of blackheads

Skin is the biggest organ of the body and needs to be taken care of. Blackheads is one of the skin issues that many people suffer from, They not just look ugly but makes...
hair color

5 facts to know before you get a hair color

A make-over can give anyone a good boost in confidence. Many opt for a good and bold hair color that brings a fresh make-over. However, before you actually go for a new and a...

4 Turmeric face masks for all skin types

Turmeric is an important ingredient as it is used as a medicine and is also used for cooking. The spice is also beneficial when it is used for beauty purposes and can be beneficial...

Study says, facelift can make man look more trustworthy

A unique study by plastic surgeons has claimed that men who have cosmetic surgery are seen to be more attractive and trustworthy. The researchers have said that the facial nip and tucks can enhance...

Ways to exfoliate different parts of your body

The skin needs regular exfoliation as it helps to wash out the dead skin cells and rejuvenates while giving a new life. Many people concentrate on just the face and forget about the rest...

4 Easy ways to keep your feet clean and polished during monsoon

Monsoon season is surely a messy season and is surely not a good season for the feet. While there are a number of remedies in line to take care of the skin and hair...

5 Summer skin mistakes that make your skin suffer

It is always good to follow a set of rules that are meant for skin care. Such skin care rules help to keep the skin happy and glowing. Proper skin care becomes even more...

Are you selecting the right sunscreen for your skin type

Summer is here is it is time to be well equipped with the right sun-screen lotions for your skin as your step out in the sun. Everyone’s skin tone and type varies and have...

6 surprising reasons of sudden acne breakout

Despite taking a good care of the skin, like moisturizing, cleansing and toning, you face a sudden breakout of acne. There are a number of reasons that result in an acne breakout and the...

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