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Essentials to be packed in your bridal emergency kit

Being a bride comes with plenty of stress. You pick up the best bridal outfit for your big day and make sure that you are well prepared for everything to make the day a...
healthy nails

Nail care rituals that help to maintain healthy nails

Apart from your hair and skin, even your nails need some attention and care. That does not mean that you need to do a lot and need to follow a big process in terms...

5 Natural ways to strengthen your nails

Many women love to grow out their nails that make their hands look beautiful. However, it is tough to maintain long and beautiful nails as they also need to be strong. Many times it...

5 Cleaning tips for make-up products and brushes

Make-up is something that is crucial for people who step out and want to look at their best. Apart from purchasing the best and quality make-up products it is also important to take good...

8 magical diet tips for would-be brides

The wedding day is when every bride wants to look at her best as it is a special day that is never going to come back. Many brides-to-be prepare for their big day since...

4 Basics to take good care of your tattoo

It is cool to get a tattoo done and feels even better when you get to flaunt it. However, not many are aware that a tattoo also needs some maintenance. It is a fact...
sleep wrinkles

4 Ways to avoid sleep wrinkles on face

It is a time when a busy lifestyle calls for better skin care products. Looking timeless has become a fad and people now wish to look younger than their actual age. This is indeed...

5 Amazing benefits of applying primer before make-up

There are a number of people who prefer to avoid using a make-up primer. A make-up primer is like a foundation that is applied before the make-up products are applied. Many people have argued...
aloe vera

5 Amazing benefits of aloe vera for hair

Aloe Vera is a desert plant that has originated from the Arabian Peninsula and is used mainly by cosmetic companies and is also widely used by people for medicinal purposes. It has medicinal properties...
tea bags

3 Beauty benefits of used herbal tea bags

Herbal tea is good for health but you need not throw away the used tea bags as they can be used further. After the tea bags are used, they can still be used for...

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