2016’s Most Innovative Tech Products

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2016 has seen the entry of innovative tech products whose features are fascinating. These developments have been made to the custom traditional products giving them a new feel of class, functionality and improvement. Below are some of the latest tech products released in 2016.

Adidas smart ball

Adidas smart ball

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The Adidas Smart Ball is built to help users improve on the ability to control, strike and manipulate a soccer ball on the pitch skills. The regular 32-panel size 5 ball is built with 12 separate Bluetooth sensors and a charger inside to send signals to the Smartphone. It is compatible with iOS 7 and higher and Android 4.3 and higher devices with smart Bluetooth connectivity feature. The ball has built in sensors which allow a person to fine-tune their dead ball kicking techniques and skills with immediate feedback. The smart ball requires about two hours to charge fully, and the battery could last 2,000 kicks or just under a week on standby.

Ipad Air2

Ipad air 2

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New upgrades in the air 2 make it more stylish and functional. The tablet is built on A8X chips with 64 bit Architecture and an M8 Motion coprocessor for faster performance. It features the lightning port, volume controls and speakers along the sides and includes touch id and fingerprint sensor technology as for additional security. Ipad air2 runs on iOS 8 which is the latest mobile operating system with a 2048X1536 Retina display. Also, it is built with an 8MP iSight camera, FaceTime HD camera with up to 10 hours of battery life.

Fuel3d scanner

fuel 3d scanner

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The Fuel3d scanner is a portable scanning device touting impressive specifications and versatility that allows it to perform a range of tasks. The scanner combines pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging. The device uses a dual laser stereo camera for easy capture of high-resolution images. Besides, it is combined with a companion application for editing the scanned images. With the device, one can quickly take on 3D modeling and printing. Besides, it connects easily to the PC via a USB connection and has a separate power source.

Icam HD Pro

Icam ProFHD

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This is Amaryllo’s latest entry into the home security market offering improved and reliable surveillance. The Icam HD Pro is an innovative security camera featuring full HD video, multi-viewing, a 360-degree rotation capacity, motion detector and audio detector with a free Skype push picture alert feature. The camera uses a wireless remote control pan and tilts by shaking your phone or by Skype chat and comes protected with 256-bit encryption for the best video streaming performance. Besides, it features HD video streaming to a Smartphone, PC or tablet with a 32GB microSD slot and a free 15GB Google Drive Cloud storage for prolonged video recording.

Multi-function air light (z-air)


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The Z-air is an innovative ceiling fan built with unique features for several purposes in the house. The fan is designed with concealable blades and air purification function to cleanse the air in the room. It has an LED lamp which is integrated together with the blades into a sleek and elegant dome. Installation and use are equally simplified plus it has a smart automation feature allowing hassle free operation and use.