Updated Trends: Rutgers Suicide – Rutgers University Campus Vigil In Remembrance Of Tyler Clementi

After the sunset of the Rutgers University Suicide, several hundred students gathered outside the University in a candle Light vigil, in remembrance of Tyler Clementi. Many of the gathered students even wept, after remembering the horrific incident that took place with Clementi. Its a really sad moment for them, as they were remembering a student who was among them just a month back.

Rutgers University Vigil
(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

Tyler Clemeti, allegedly jumped off the George Washington Bridge, and committed suicide. It was after, when he came to know that his room mate and his friend had made sex tapes of him in a sexual encounter with another boy, and published it on the web. Dharun Ravi and Molly Mei have been charged in the production of sex tapes.

Some of the students said that they are really missing him, as he was a part of their education institution. Others said that it really the high time to change things around, because there are many students in America who are undergoing the same sort of pressure and embarrassment, and having suicidal tendencies, just like Tyler.