Updated Trends: Rutgers University Suicide: Tyler Clementi Had Contacted A Gay Website For Help Just Days Before His Death

Speaking about the latest Rutgers University Suicide, it was reported that Tyler Clementi, had contacted a Gay website just days before his death. The investigators have stated, Clementi had reached out to a Gay website for help, as he came to know that he was secretly shot by a camera during his sexual encounter. Clementi’s parents have confirmed that their son has committed suicide.
Tyler Clementi Rutgers University Suicide

Tyler Clementi, 18, eventually jumped off the George Washington Bridge, when he knew that his room mate had secretly shot many videos of his sexual encounters with other boys. In connection to Tyler’s case, Dharun Ravi and Molly Mei have been charged of two counts, which includes invasion of privacy and publishing of Tyler’s sexual encounters over the web.

One of Ravi’s close friend has stated, the incident with Tyler was nothing but a prank. The police have said that if the court counts are charged on Ravi and Molly, then both of them will be facing at least 5 years in jail. Tyler’s parents on the other hand are totally broken after they received the news of their son’s death, truly its a very saddening incident.