Target to launch customer loyalty program

Target is all set to launch its customer loyalty program


US based retailer giant Target has announced that it is all set to launch its new customer loyalty program across the nation from October 6, 2019. It is all set too rollout Target Circle in time for the Holiday season while offering perks to the shoppers who sign up. There are surely other customer loyalty programs by other retailers as well but the difference here is that signing up for Target will not require a credit or debit card and has no membership fee.

The REDcard holders will also be able to use Circle while taking advantage of the additional perks on top of their 5 percent discount. Target Circle will offer one percent cashback on every purchase that can be redeemed at the store at a later date. The customers will also be able to have personalized deals and perks including a birthday surprise. They can also get early access to special sales throughout the year and will also get a vote to direct where Target directs its local community funding.

Shoppers who have a, Cartwheel or REDcard account will be able to be enrolled in Target circle. Customers can also sign up on the website, get a REDcard or give your phone number in the store. The program has already been tested in six metro areas in the last 18 months and not the Twin Cities and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Photo Credits: Facebook