5 things to keep in mind before practicing Yoga

Yoga is not just an exercise form but is a lifestyle altogether


Yoga is not just an exercise but is a practice of spiritual, physical and mental disciplines that has been originated in India. Not many are aware that they need to prepare themselves for it before they actually start doing it. Yoga is not just about stretching and posing, but is a mindful practice of transforming the body and mind and life. It requires you to remain calm, composed and comfortable before you try all the asanas. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind, before you begin to practice yoga.

1. Buy appropriate clothes – Before you begin to practice yoga, go for shopping to buy some comfortable clothes. If you are going to a class outside, then make sure that you don’t buy lose clothes as yoga needs you to bend a lot and that might bring your top rolling down and make you uncomfortable.

2 Buy a yoga mat – It is not essential to buy a yoga mat, but if you want to have a safe practice then you can invest in one. Tiles tend to be very slippery and a yoga mat will give you a good grip and protect you from injuries.

3. Keep you cell phones away – Like mentioned earlier, you need to be calm and at peace, which means your phone should not disturb you. So keep away your smartphone till the time you are practicing.

4. Avoid eating at least one hour before – Before you start practicing, make sure that you do not eat anything at least one hour before your session. If you do, you might feel uncomfortable and queasy.

5. Do not push yourself too much – Have an open mind and do not push yourself too much. Do not strain the body too much if you are unable to do the pose. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to an injury or pain.

Photo Credits: Pixabay