Tesla owners get locked out of their cars

Tesla owners experience being locked out of their cars as the app is down for maintenance


Latest technology is always a blessing as long as they are working and do not fail on you. Many of the Tesla owners have allegedly experienced such a day as they got locked out of the car as the app was apparently down for maintenance. Several users took their Twitter accounts to pour out their agony and some of them logged out of the app and were not able to unlock their cars.

Downdetector.com is a website that shows the status of many services and had many people reporting about an outage for Tesla over the last couple of hours. The website mentioned that the first outages were reported around 4:30 AM ET. The Tesla app, helps the car owners unlock the car, but there is still a key card which is an option key fob. Moreover, there is also the app without needing to connect to the internet.

If the user does not have the key card and is also logged out of the app, then they do not have any other option than to wait. Some of the users are now reporting that the app is back. But there is still no word from Tesla on what has caused the outage. In 2018, it was reported that some of the users went off the grid when the app was down.

The maintenance downtimes are normal, but the company should have accounted for situations like this and ensures that their vehicles were accessible to their owners, downtime or not.

Photo Credits: Pixabay