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9 Factors to Consider Before Hiring A Training Company for Your Organization

Planning on Hiring A Training Company?

You know you stand to make a huge return from the training you invest in, but only if it delivers what it promises to do and if your staff follows through and applies what they learn. It is essential to hire the right company for training your team.

You have your past experience and good judgment to draw upon. You also have an overwhelming amount of information you need to sift through before you can make the right decision. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a method, a clear focus to cut through the volume and decide what’s best for your organization.

Here are 9 tips on accessing the right training to propel your organization toward success.
1. Who is the trainer? Do they specialize in the type of training you are after or are they a generalist? E.g. with time management training, do you want to engage an efficiency and effectiveness specialist or a Jack/Jill-of-all-trades?
2. Quantity is not always quality. If the training is a day or more find out how long the breaks are so you know how much face to face time you are actually getting. A day long course can in reality sometimes work out to just 5 hours or so with the trainer.
3. What tangible results will you see? How will you know the training has been a success not just interesting?
4. Where possible, undertake the training on your premises so the participants can rush back and implement what they have learnt straight away.
5. Give them time on the day to apply immediately so that momentum is not lost.
6. Arrange to have coaching tied into the training as this will increase your return on investment. If possible, schedule initial coaching at the time of training, and then follow up two to four weeks later. The knowledge that the trainer is returning increases the chances of sustaining new habits.
7. What guarantee is offered if outcomes are not met or if you are not satisfied?
8. What are they going to do if they don’t get through the content? So many courses are rushed at the end, brushing over important content because of poor time or group management. This is particularly important if the course is a day long.
9. Aim for content that your people can use every day, day in and day out; not just occasionally or when the need arises.

Good training is invaluable and the best programs provide great information, ongoing support and encourage people to take action.

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