Brandless – The new online store selling your essentials for just $3!

This has got to be innovation at its best. A simple idea that is now taking over the United States by storm. Enter Brandless. It is the name of an online store that sells all their products minus any brand names. Each item comes at a flat rate of just $3 a-piece. Brandless sells every day items – household supplies, toiletries, healthy snacks and food items at this affordable cost.


Brandless offers gluten-free pancake mix!


Before you begin to think that Brandless will be just like those dollar stores that sell cheap and low quality products, think again. The online store has all their consumer items that are GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, certified organic and even kosher!

So how does Brandless manage to sell their high-quality items at such low rates? Well, they’re eliminating what they have dubbed Brand Tax, extra taxes that are charged to the customer by companies that have big brand names. Instead, this company just marks its labels with the name of the item, along with the ingredients. No advertising, no extra costs, and just good quality products for the masses.


Brandless preservative-free vegetable chips!


Some are arguing that $3 flat rate for any item, means that technically some goods are being sold at a tentatively higher price than their mass-manufactured counterparts. But just sit and think for a moment – with Brandless, you get environmentally friendly, preservative and harsh chemical free products, from lotions to pastas and even basic kitchen utensils.

Plus, they’re is giving back. With each purchase order made by you, the company will donate towards Feeding America, which is a hunger relief program for those disadvantaged Americans.

All you need to do to get your hands on products from Brandless is log in to their website. Yes, each item costs only $3, though they have a flat shipping rate of $9. But, if you spend over $72, shipping is free, and if you’re member, spending just $48 will get your order to you without any additional charge. Their membership is part of the B.More program that comes at a charge of $36 per year.

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