In a first, Canadian legend Celine Dion posses nude for Vogue

Celine Dion nude Vogue

She was the voice of the ’90s, and today continues to inspire thousands of fans with her music and her soul. Many of us have grown up to the powerful serenading voice of Celine Dion, and looked up to her as one of those beacons of pure light. After having lost her beloved husband and her brother within a span of days, the confident lady continues to inspire us with her strength. And she has kicked it up a notch, by posing, for the first time ever, nude for Vogue.

The international fashion magazine posted an image on July 4th on Instagram, showing the French-Canadian pop sensation sitting on a chair, wearing absolutely nothing, and clutching a white dress in her hands. Celine was in Paris at the time, and is currently touring Europe. The caption to the image reads: “Here’s a little naked fact to ponder while Celine Dion changes looks between shows: for the past five years she has worn haute couture near exclusively for her own performances (in Las Vegas and on her current ‘mini-tour’ of Europe).”

“In Vegas, Velcro panels are added to allow for her ribcage to expand or for a quick outfit change. Micro straps of elasticized chiffon prevent a slit from becoming a sloppy situation mid-squat. Shoes – always heels, never platforms – are ordered one size smaller (she is normally a 38) and refitted with metal shanks.”

And Celine Dion, being the classy diva that she is, simply says: “The clothes follow me; I do not follow the clothes.”

She has never really shown off her envious figure, until now. Only once before did she pose with only a pair of gloves covering her modesty, but never so raw and so real as now. And she looks fabulous and confident and beautiful and everything that a woman could hope to be.

Image Credit: Instagram